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Project Portfolio

AV Hire Projects

Dressage Sound

Hartpury College first invited us to support their sound presentations for equine projects in 2008. This has led us happily into the world of International Dressage, for which good sound is of particular interest.

British Dressage

We’ve been out and about around the country, in support of British Dressage events, for some years. The venues feature a wide variety of in-house sound rigs some of which require additional loudspeaker cover and others that have it all in hand. This is predominantly an interfacing task with our wireless mic racks and IEMs. But they’re all different and throw up local problems that BD doesn’t need to be concerned with.


British Dressage National Convention 2019

This ever-popular and bigger-than-ever two-day November event found us running the sound systems again, this year moving from Hartpury to Addington Equine near Buckingham. We supply additional Sennheiser wireless mics to the house system, Sennheiser rider In Ear Monitors and Motorola crew radios.



British Dressage Judges Principles Seminar 2019

We have recently provided the wireless microphone systems, crew radios and PA for this event at Moulton College, in Northampton. Now in our 4th year for this event we augment the house wireless systems using our Sennheiser units and BSS FCS966 graphic to cope with the challenges of the venue acoustics, supporting the BD staff with all things technical. We also provide a small HK Audio PA for the additional breakout room in the gym.


British Dressage Judges Convention Seminar 2020

The 2020 event will be taking place at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, and we’ll be there to provide sound support once again for British Dressage.


Hartpury Dressage Events & FestivalsHartpury College’s 5 day International Festival of Dressage is just one of the many equine events in which we have been deeply involved. We have manned the event with a view to general troubleshooting but to specifically run the indoor sound, taking-in general commentary and music based freestyle dressage competition. Much of the indoor arena’s work revolves around the Para classes. Some wonderful performances by severely disabled competitors. The Gala event provides first class dressage from some of our best and world class riders.


International Eventing Forum 2020

Another regular visitor to Hartpury Arena, the IEF have sold out for as long as we can remember, and 2020 was no different.

The series of demonstrations and seminars very often from horseback involve wireless systems and the ever troublesome issue of preventing wind buffeting during canters.

AV Installation Projects

Churches, Sports and Commercial

We talk to clients, very often over a period of years, advising them on their AV projects and keeping them up to date with available equipment. When funding is eventually found, we then proceed to procurement and installation.


The Gloucester Coroner Court had been fitted with a loop induction system when originally constructed, but performance had never been satisfactory. Pro-Active Audio was asked to troubleshoot, resulting in a divergance from magnetic technology when it was discovered the floor was made entirely of steel panels. A Sennheiser infra-red system was installed, replacing the earlier technology, and an initial earphone set and neck loop set was provided to allow for eventualities.



Hartpury College has upgraded its Rugby training grandstand PA with Electro-Voice Zx1i-100 weatherproof loudspeakers, Electro-Voice PA2250T amplifier and Behringer ZMX8210 zone mixer. This allows expansion into a future 2nd grandstand and members bar area.This has vastly improved the experience during the highly charged matches between top University contenders. Inputs for microphone and music are at the presenter area out in the stand, since the rack is installed remotely in the adjacent classrooms.





Holy Apostles Church in Cheltenham has recently had a new Univox loop induction system installed for its main church hall, together with a built-in cable infrastructure for the satellite speakers of its portable HK Nano 608i PA.





Corin Group of Cirencester have had an Alto presentation system and Sennheiser handheld and headset wireless mic systems installed in its main canteen for company briefings and presentations. An Optoma projector in conjunction with a Sapphire electric screen handles the video projection.

St Pauls Church in Cheltenham have had five new LED display screens fitted for hymn words and video presentations. This involved some custom steelwork to allow end mounting hinges for the 55″ panels.






Wobbly Brewery of Hereford has had a presentation system installed in the bar of the brewery for its popular sports events. Comprising 4 x JBL Eon 610 powered loudspeakers and an Electro-Voice ZXA1 sub, alongside an Optoma projector and Sapphire electric screen. The feed being from a sky box and/or microphone.





Everhot Cookers in Gloucester have had a two-camera system installed, linked to an Optoma projector, for close-ups of its monthly cooking demonstrations in its showrooms.





Evenlode Church Lower Oddington. A complete AV project installation of sound and video alongside the extensive church renovations.




St Stephens C Of E Church, Soundwell, Bristol. Sound system with digital console alongside an extensive video screen installation.

ChristChurch Cleveden. A fully refurbished church encompassing digital sound, fully flexible video and church-wide distribution systems.

St Michaels, Bishops Cleeve. Full AV project system consultancy over several years, still awaiting funding.

Hartpury College Equine 

The Hartpury indoor arena is probably one of the best kept and largest equine facilities in the world, and we have been delighted to support it in a variety of ways from procurement and installation to event engineering. We’ve been asked to manage and implement various improvements to Hartpury’s original Electro-Voice and Sennheiser sound systems over the years, bringing much greater clarity to the audience for its myriad of events.




Schools AV Support

School AV Support and InstallationsSchools always need help in running their technical services, so we try to take the pressure off by providing fast reaction to their downtime when faced with projection failures and so on. We support by installing screens and PA systems or by general maintenance and running repairs.



Holmleigh Park High School has previously employed us to provide sound reinforcement for their awards evenings.

This year we have been upgrading their wireless and control systems in the school hall. A Behringer rack mixer now controls two new Sennheiser wireless beltpack systems, and the video feed system has been much simplified. This should now be much easier to use and significantly more reliable.

Coney Hill Community Primary School has interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, which we support, updating and replacing projectors and projector lamps as required. The school hall’s sound rack was recently updated.

The Nursery Day Centre was recently given an upgrade to close coupled whiteboard.


Barnwood Church of England Primary School has interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, with the exception of Reception year and the Music room. These are fitted with Clevertouch touch screens. A flexible but simple to operate sound and video system is fitted in the school hall. We support the school, updating and replacing projectors and projector lamps as required.